Printing & Pressing A Sublimated Award Plaque

Step 4
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With dye-sublimation, you can turn any image into a vibrant and permanent memento or piece of art! Take a look into the printing and pressing process of one of the most popular items, an award plaque for sports teams.

Sublimated Award Plaque

 Step 1Step 1
Each blank item is created with a special polyester coating designed to absorb the ink used in a dye-sublimation printer. With every item, a product template for designing is also available online. Use this template to design your image or customer’s image to be printed for the item.
 Step 2Step 2
Your image will then be printed in reverse in sublimation ink and will look dull and grainy after printing. Attach this printed image to your plaque using a thermal tape so that it cannot shift during or after pressing it in the heat press.
 Step 3Step 3
Place the plaque on the heat press with the transfer paper on top, and press at 400F for about 30 seconds. This heat and time setting will permanently transfer the printed image into the coated surface of the plaque.
 Step 4Step 4
Once the pressing time has elapsed, remove the transfer paper immediately to reveal your finished product. No finishing sprays, clear coats, or additional steps are necessary—simply allow to cool before handling and packing, and send out for your customers to love!
July 19, 2017

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