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Sublimation Consulting

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To follow is a brief outline of what an onsite sublimation consulting session would entail. We would configure and refine these topics down to focus on your specific needs and unique challenges that your business faces, but this gives you a general overview of what you can expect.

  • Exploration of key issues: Discussing what you feel are your 3 main areas of concern along with a full walkthrough of your process from start to finish. This allows for a detailed analysis of challenges and will allow me to leave you with an actionable report that you can refer back to at any time. 
  • Pre-Printing Refresh: We will work step by step through your process of taking and order, receiving artwork as part of this sublimation consulting service. We will then look at how you work with customers to have the best experience possible by setting and meeting expectations.
  • Printing Revitalization: We will work to make sure your printing time and capabilities are maximized. We will discuss and implement ganging of art to save paper and grouping similar products to maximizing pressing. We will also review your color profile set-up to make sure you are getting the maximum repeatable color.
  • Imprinting / Pressing Review: Work through the process and policy for pressing and reducing damaged products due to pressing errors. We will show you the ideal way to set up the main products you are creating as well as how to properly track and allow for repeatability of pressing similar items. Review all the necessary items and best workflow to maximize your production.
  • Job Costing and Sourcing: We will review and determine your exact production costs as well as determine how to best set-up your pricing and maintain a profitable environment. We will look at the sourcing of products from different vendors, even looking overseas where necessary and make sure you have a proper inventory control set-up.
  • Sales and Marketing Boost: Discuss, review and revitalize your marketing plan and clearly define a target market as part of this sublimation consulting service. We will review your sales channels and determine some new ways to develop new leads and prospects. We will also review your sales process and cycle to determine if there is missing revenue from your current customer base.
  • Employee Training Planning: A plan for making sure your key employees and any new employees are properly trained to run your business and allow you to work “on” your business, not “in your business. This will include cross training so you can continue to be productive even when you lose employees, have employees take vacation etc.
  • Overall Business Best Practices: This will consist of a general overview of the policies and procedures you have in place, or need to put in place, to make your business run in the right directions. We will review your Mission Statement, and discuss your “Why?” and then make sure everyone involved with your business understands those key elements.

This is a general idea of what we can cover and prior to the sublimation consulting a questionnaire will need to be submitted so we can best tailor this consultation to your needs. We will work on these items in order of importance to you so we can make sure we get to the most important items for sure and the rest will be a bonus for your business. Once the consultation is complete you will receive a full report with suggested action items within 2 weeks.

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