Print on Demand to Make More Profit

Print on Demand to Make More Profit 1

Over the years, one of the markets that have been most intriguing was the print on demand market. This market is exciting because it overcomes a natural barrier of purchase by changing the perceived value of a product and can take the cost factor nearly out of the equation. This market can be highly profitable, […]

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Determining True Sublimation Cost

Print on Demand to Make More Profit 3

Determining sublimation cost can be a huge challenge to put your finger on due to a number of factors. The first reason is getting at what things like ink and paper cost you by relying on the supplier or manufacturers, can lead you down the wrong path.  Let’s face it if you were the manufacturer […]

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All-Over Dye Sublimation – Why, How and What

all-over dye sublimation

As a relative newbie in the garment decorating industry (only 16 years so far) I find that sometimes discussing decoration with the veterans (old guys as my friend Terry Combs, who is an old guy, likes to say) can be an interesting conversation. Many are hardcore screen printing or some will even dip their toe […]

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Ghosting Busting

Ghosting, a term that will send shivers down the back of most sublimators because it typically means that you just ruined a blank that could have cost you $5, $10, $20 or more. With the recent release of the new Ghostbusters movie and my son dressing up as a Ghostbusters for Halloween, I thought now […]

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November 7, 2016

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Awards Industry Sublimation Report

Awards Industry Sublimation Report

Recently I was asked by the good folks at A&E Magazine some questions about the awards industry and how it relates to sublimation. Here are my answers: Q: Could you provide a general state of the industry report, specifically how the growth or decline has affected the market and what that means for the awards and […]

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Wide-Format Sublimation Offers Big Advantages

wide-format sublimation

Wide-Format Sublimation Offers Big Advantages For Decorated Apparel Shops As sublimation printing has become a mainstream process in the apparel decorating industry, there a number of reasons to consider investing in a wide-format sublimation printer. As technology in equipment, inks, papers and performance wear continue to improve, sublimation printing has continued to increase in popularity. It […]

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Decoding 3D Sublimation

Print on Demand to Make More Profit 4

What is 3D Sublimation? If you’ve never heard of 3D Sublimation before, don’t be alarmed. It is a relatively unused process that is currently being adopted by specialized markets. It sounds a lot harder than it is since the sublimation process is the same as using a standard flat or mug press. Remember, a combination […]

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May 6, 2016

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